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Welcome to Senior Shower Project,

I'm starting a new party tradition called Senior Shower® to celebrate the life milestone of becoming a senior caregiver for an older adult in a family or community. Much like a baby shower is for parenthood, a Senior Shower® is for Caregiverhood™.

I believe in celebrating the compassionate hearts of senior caregivers by showering them with uplifting messages of love. Ready to express your caregiver appreciation? Pick a love note from my Caregiver Card collection. I packed it with fun, humor, appreciation, love and humanity. Each card was inspired from my real-life caregiving experiences.

I'm also curating the first Senior Shower in a Box, a package with party essentials and a senior caregiver starter-kit. Senior Shower in a Box will be available soon.

With each card and box, I hope to deliver a bright positive light to people who have been caregiving for years and to people who are about to enter Caregiverhood™.

Let's celebrate caregivers with a party!

Happy Caregiving,

Jenn Chan


Senior Shower Project





(408) 609-8511

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